Finger Guard - To Keep Your Fingers Safe!

Posted by Meghan S on

Stainless steel finger guardIn the past I have been known to accidentally slice a finger or two while in the kitchen. Being left-handed and can be clumsy with my knife skills, I definitely have to take my time and be more careful when chopping to prepare a meal. 

Finger guard choppingI was so excited to find the Stainless Steel Finger Guard and have found it to be a great tool to have on-hand to protect while preparing fruits and vegetables. I have small hands so choose the single ring finger guard. I find the ring on the back of the finger guard fits well around my middle finger and is easily held in place with my two surrounding fingers as I chop fruits and veggies. The shield ensures my fingers stay tucked behind when wanting to quickly chop. 

The Stainless Steel Finger Guard is the perfect addition to have on hand if your a little clumsy, are improving your knife skills or teaching little ones in the kitchen how to safely use a knife. 


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