Versatility of Roasted Sweet Potato

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Portioned Sweet PotatoAs we settle into a back-to-school rhythm, a favorite way to integrate a healthy form of carbohydrates is with roasted sweet potato. They are a vegetable full of Vitamin A and provide a steady release of energy throughout the day. Roasted sweet potato is versatile and delicious served on a salad or with eggs. 


Roasted Sweet Potato

Roasted Sweet Potato with EggsChop into 2 inch cubes, toss in avocado oil, garlic powder, onion powder and salt. Roast at 405 degrees for 20 mins, flip and bake for another 18 mins. 

Using a silicone baking mat is a great non-stick roasting surface that is easy for flipping part way through the cook and easy to clean. 

Spiralized Sweet Potatovegetable spiralizer is another way to create a thinner, noodle like cut for enjoying your sweet potato. 








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