Long Weekend Gin Cocktail

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With a gin lover in the family, we started the search for a gin cocktail to serve for a ladies brunch-in. Using Pinterest as a go-to for recipes the top three that caught our eye, mainly for the fresh and in-season fruits that were the ingredients to make drinks. Here were the top 3 contenders: 

Strawberry Gin Smash - sweetened with honey, mixed with ginger beer, lemon and mint. 
Watermelon Gin Punch - make your own watermelon juice for this fresh and sweet punch, great for serving to a group. 
Raspberry Gin Smash - make a simple syrup and add lime for some citrus.

The highlight beverage of our afternoon was the 50/50 ginger-ale to club soda with a sliced strawberry and mint leaf for a virgin cocktail. Cutting the sugar and keeping the bubbly! 

A few of our favorite cocktail tools to have on-hand are: 

  • Fine strainer which would be especially helpful to make watermelon juice. 
  • Cocktail set that comes with a muddler, shaker and measuring tool - everything needed to muddle, mix and shake 
  • Cocktail strainer to remove ice when pouring a drink. 

Virgin Strawberry Cocktail

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