5 Handy BBQ Cooking Tools

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We are in the middle of BBQ season which makes an evening walk that much better with the aroma of what neighbors are cooking! There are a few tools that are good to have on hand making cooking on the barbecue or outdoor grill that much easier. 

1. Igniter & Flamethrower

Flamethrower and IgnitorIf cooking on a charcoal grill or fire pit, having a proper lighter to get coals and wood going is key. An igniter means you can easily light without worry of a Bic lighter running out of fluid or hands getting too close to the flame. 

2. Patty Maker 

Hamburger Patty MakerHaving a consistent shape in hamburger patty's helps to keep the cooking time even and ease to watch. A patty maker is great for shaping any form of burger you are making including beef or chicken. 

3. Grilling Basket & BBQ Rack

BBQ Grill BasketVeggies grilled on the BBQ are a family favorite! A charcoal barbecue is especially delicious adding a smoky flavor to your mushrooms, zucchini and corn. A stainless steel grilling basket is a great way to avoid losing pieces of peppers or pineapple through the grill grates and onto coals or flames. 

BBQ Grill RackIf planning on grilling a whole chicken or rack of ribs, using a grill rack helps to keep grates clean and makes it easy to remove meats from the heat. 

 4. Tongs

Grilling TongsUsing tongs can help flip meats and move food like buns around on the grills. A proper set of tongs with a long handle protects your hands from the high heat making grilling easier and safer. 

5. Barbecue Mop 

BBQ Basting MopA BBQ mop evenly spreads sauces onto meats and veggies while grilling. Similar to the tongs, a longer handle safely keeps hands away from the hot grill. 

Enjoy the summer nights and meals off the grill!! 

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