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We are the gadget peeps. We love exploring new and handy kitchen gadgets and tools that will make our daily meal preparation and big family dinners quicker and easier.  Our main passion is eating lots of local fresh fruits and vegetables, going to the farm for freshly butchered meats, and we even have an awesome fresh egg delivery service that comes right to our door.  Supporting local for quality fresh produce is important to us. 

Tony loves to explore different cooking modalities with just about any ingredients.  I love to eat whatever Tony makes, although clean up can be a challenge with his cooking style being to dirty every dish in the kitchen.  Lets just say he uses all the tools and gadgets to prep and cook a meal. 

I am the type of cook that needs to be inspired but when I am inspired the food is delish.  We use to love to eat out a lot but as we have aged knowing exactly what we are eating has become important, so home cooking has become a priority. Hence the need for fun, efficient cooking tools and gadgets.

We have had the privilege to raise four amazing daughters and now have three grandchildren. Most days we are cooking for two although at any given time we could be cooking a big family meal for eleven people (with little notice). We still cook large portions which turns out to be great leftovers when not feeling inspired to cook. 

Tony and I have shared cooking throughout our marriage (although Tony more so the past few years), which I believe taught our girls the importance of quality food, healthy food, shared cooking for a change and break, and the awesomeness of large family meals together.  

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