Eating Together, Apart

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Covid-19 has reshaped our lives for a few months. This has certainly impacted the way we break bread together. As restrictions are lifted across the Country here are some suggestions to stay safe while enjoying a meal together.

Quality time spent over meals is how most families and friends connect and socialize. Here are a few ways we have  enjoyed spending time with our loved ones. 

  • On-screen eats  
    • Brunch and coffee dates 
    • Food challenge - plan a theme night like having a taco meal. It could be soup, salad or in a shell or on a tortilla! Everyone makes their version, plates it all pretty and shares their creation with the group! 
    • Take-out  - everyone orders a meal from their favorite take away spot and eats together. Spice it up by making it a surprise - have your friends order for each other. 
  • A park picnic, sitting at different tables or blanket space away 
  • Take out hangout, a great way to support local restaurants, avoid sharing and can be enjoyed with a safe distance apart 

    Tips for staying safe while sharing a meal with others: 

    1. When cooking and eating, ensure hands are washed thoroughly. Shared chip or candy bowls are not a good idea. Having prepackaged snacks is a great option. 
    2. BBQ'ing is an easy way to cook outdoors for other! Buy pre-made burgers, sausages or chicken breasts or veggie skewers for minimal prep and have 1 person own the grill to avoid multiple hands involved in the cooking process. 
    3. Bring your own tongs for same-household peeps to serve which will help to avoid group handle touching.
    4. Bring Your Own Raw Eats. Given that cooking at high temperatures kills most germs and bacteria, bringing your own salad or fresh fruits and veggies minimizes the risk of possibly spreading something through the preparation process. 

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