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As a busy family of 4, cooking is often done on-the-run between kids activities. Although life came to an immediate stop just a few short months ago, maintaining that home/work/school/life balance continues to be a challenge.  In her small town, Elysée visits local farmers markets for fresh produce to create delicious meals for everyone. 

Elysée is the primary chef and loves cooking. She is an eco conscience type of mom whose favorite tools include bento boxes, reusable wax and foil products and silicone baking products, she loves just about anything that makes life easier. She strives to provide healthy snacks and recognizes the importance of always having easy to prep snacks on hand, as well as strategies for school lunches and snack storage. 

Brad became her sous chef when life got real. At first he started making stews and stir-fries often reaching for his favorite peeler to prep the meal. Now he's in the kitchen everyday. He cooks with the basics to throw together delicious eats for the whole family. 

Thomas and Julia have been kitchen helpers since they were babies. Now 7 and 9,  Julia likes to bake and is always willing to lend a hand. She loves looking through her moms cookbook collection and choosing cookie cutters to use with the recipes. Thomas is more of a veggie chopper. He grows, harvests and chops loads of different vegetables so they are ready to eat raw, or throw in a pan. Durable and easy to clean bake ware and cooking utensils are a priority in every kitchen, especially a kitchen with kids!


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