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As a new mom my kitchen is all about creating healthy meals that are time efficient to prepare and easy to clean up. My focus right now is nourishing my own body while I am nursing my little love. The past three months I have used my Instant Pot more than ever! It truly is a staple in our kitchen, I have even gotten my fiance Kurtis loving it! 

Kurtis and I purchased our first home about six months ago, our kitchen has most of the basics now but I am always on the look for what will make cooking easier. I have started to take advantage of all this extra time COVID-19 has given us and spend more time in the kitchen, learning new meals and techniques. 

Before I know it my focus will be creating healthy first foods for Eliza. This will result in my kitchen expanding as I figure out preparing, storing and serving baby food. I look forward to keeping you up to date with kitchen tools that will make Mama's time in the kitchen convenient and healthy! 


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