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Playing in the kitchen started when I was in my mid-20's and learning how to cook healthfully while studying Holistic Nutrition. Learning to slow down and consciously enjoy the process from start to finish, grocery shopping to chopping vegetables to sitting at the table.

In my kitchen you will find the basics, avoiding cluttered drawers and counters. This includes good cutting boards, knives, pots, pans and typically using silicone bake ware. Being a big advocate for eating lots of veggies all my choppers, slicers, peelers, and spiralizers are well used. 

Now let's get real, I've had a decent failure rate in the kitchen along the cooking learning curve, and am too stubborn to discard perfectly good ingredients that taste mediocre. With that said, am also a leftover eater through and through, often taking snacks and meals on the go. So having good storage with the right size, durability, leak proof and lightweight is important. 

Hope you like the products we have selected on our store and get enjoyment of creating in your kitchen! 

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