Top Fruit Tools To Make Prep Easier

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There are a number of different fruit tools and gadgets available the make playing in the kitchen more convenient, easy and fun to be creative. 

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer 

3-in-1 Avocado Tool

A handheld tool that cuts through the skin and scoops out the flesh into slices. 

Makes adding evenly sliced avocado to a salad, toast or on soup easy!  


Grape Slicer

Grape Slicer

Quickly and easily slices grapes or cherry tomatoes into quarters as a safer snack for little's. Grapes are delicious added to a Chicken Salad wrap or in Broccoli Salad! With a plunger action, simply push fruit through the serrated blades. 

A fun gadget that kids can help prepare snacks are meals with!  

Strawberry Huller 

Strawberry Huller

In a swift motion can remove strawberry stems by gently pushing the blade into the fruit and twisting out the stem. Kids can help to hull their own berries with this handy tool. 

Good to have in your kitchen drawer during strawberry picking season for those who prepare jams or make fresh berry pies! 


3-in-1 Fruit Peeler

3-in-1 Fruit Peeler

In one motion this tool will peel, core and slice apples or pears. The base suction cups to the counter to be sturdy. 

For those who bake homemade pies and boil down their own apple sauce! Can also use for slicing a potato into round pieces for scalloped potatoes or roasting. 

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