Brant Lake Wagyu Steak Dinner + Cooking Tips

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Ever try Wagyu steak? Although expensive, it is sooo delicious. A highly marbled piece of meat with higher intra-muscular fat, which makes for a finer meat texture. This means it is a more flavorful steak eating experience. No need for butter or oils when cooking and eating! 

What makes Waygu so special is how the animal is cared for during its life, raised on a healthy grass and barley diet, without antibiotics or hormones. When the cattle are healthy and happy, it should be no surprise that the meat is better tasting. 

Typically named after it's place of origin, our Brant Lake Wagyu was brought in from Alberta and we got it at Chophouse Steaks in Halifax. 

3 Tips for Steak Cookin'

  1. Remove from the fridge an hour before cooking. 
  2. Season with little bit of sea salt while the meat comes down to room temperature. 
  3. After taking it off the grill, let cool for 5 minutes covered for the juices settle. 

Based on steak size, thickness, and how you like it done, we'll let you decide how to grill it. 

What Is The Veggie?! 

This is always a question to ask when preparing a meal to ensure a healthy balance alongside your protein. 

Aiming to have something green on the plate = healthier eats! 

We enjoyed this dinner with shiitake mushrooms that were roasted on the BBQ in a thyme and red wine vinegar seasoning. Plus a broccoli salad that was put together with scallions, pecans, sunflower seeds, dried cherries and a mayo dressing. 

Unfortunately we didn't do so great on the measuring to share the recipe for the veggies. Leave us a comment if you would like to see recipes in the future! 

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